Hand-built. Human-run.
Your PPC should be managed by experts with critical thinking skills…
not by AI.

We are My PPC Pal, an elite PPC management company established in 2018 by one wildly successful entrepreneur named Chris, who turned his own Amazon business into a mid
7-figure success story.

Fueled by his hands-on experience, Chris built a game-changing PPC management system that doesn’t just follow the trends but sets them.

Chris built the bones of My PPC Pal while running his first Amazon brand that generated just over $4M in total sales within 2 years.

None of Chris’ success would have been possible without the incredible systems that he built to manage his own PPC.

So, after selling his massively profitable business for a multiple 7-figure exit, he focused on what he did best… managing, optimizing, and ruling the PPC world.

What distinguishes My PPC Pal from other ad management companies?

  • We are not an advertising company! Our energy and efforts are focused on one thing, and one thing alone: Amazon PPC. You won’t find us spreading thin our expertise over a multitude of marketing tactics.
  • We are a small-scale, hands-on, no-frills, HUGE results kind of company. That means you’re getting more owner-led talent for less dollars.
  • We don’t use AI. AI has no right to make complex decisions for your ad spend. It just doesn’t have the capability. Every keyword, every campaign, every dollar spent, you can count on a human to be reviewing those important decisions.
  • Our cost is lower than larger advertising companies because our overhead is low. We keep our business structure simple and pass those savings onto you.
  • We don’t repurpose the exact same data you already have access to into countless reports and then charge you for it.
  • We don’t spend our time in meetings or generating play-by-play breakdowns of what we did. We think our time is best spent analyzing your account and optimizing your ads. The proof is in the numbers.

Full Amazon Ad Managemnt

Sales & growth like you've never seen before.

Proven Systems & Strategies

More efficient campaigns = less wasted ad spend.

Seasonal Change Optimization

Big opportunities = scalability. We're quickly adaptable.

Small-scale & Hands-on

We know PPC. When you succeed, we succeed.


It’s because they know and trust Chris, the creator and mastermind behind the first rule-based PPC automation of its kind back in 2017.

Despite Chris’ incredible success in the Amazon world (more about that below), he has never been into the popularity associated with it, he’s into

This math genius does that systematically by implementing systems to make money the simplest and most effective way possible – all without the frills and BS of a big management company.

And that’s how he created a PPC management system that does just that. Takes the data and puts it to work.

What does Chris always say? “We focus on the DATA.” The truth is always in the numbers.

Our advertising management system has been proven over 8 years with more than $100 million generated revenue and 0 missed optimizations.

"My PPC Pal has been instrumental in the success of our Amazon PPC campaigns.
Their expertise and innovative strategies have significantly boosted our visibility and ROI.
Beyond their technical skills, their customer service is top-notch, always ready to support and improve our campaigns. I highly recommend My PPC Pal for anyone looking to enhance their Amazon PPC results."
Amazon PPC ad management for top brands
Simple Lawn Solutions


You didn’t create your business to be stressed out by advertising.

Keeping up with Amazon’s ever-changing rules, developing your best ad spend strategy, and consistently monitoring all your campaigns takes a lot of effort and skill. What’s even worse is when the time you invest doesn’t positively reflect in your ad reconciliation.

But imagine your advertising metrics shining with efficiency. Your campaigns are on point, month after month, after month. And oh hey, it’s also helped in boosting sales.

That’s what many can expect from working with My PPC Pal. When you decide to level-up your business with the best PPC management company, you’ll get:
  • A free discovery call
  • Initial campaign establishment including keyword research and implementation
  • Management of all Amazon ads for all Amazon marketplaces (all amazon market locations)
  • Multiple weekly optimizations to drive ACoS and fluid target goals
  • Strategy to drive ad revenue, increasing overall business revenue
  • A 1:1 meeting with Chris once per month
  • Implementation of new product launches

“PPC is like taxes – it’s a necessary evil that I don’t want to do. I never liked doing it, it was always a chore, and because I was always procrastinating, I was never great at it. Having an expert running my PPC was exactly what I needed.”

Amazon PPC ad management for top brands
Skog A Kust


My PPC Pal has gone on to serve some of the most successful sellers in the Amazon world.

One of the top card games in the last decade now found in every big box store, chose and trusted us with their PPC in our first year.

During the all-important Q4 holiday season, they, with the extraordinary power of My PPC Pal’s systems, reached the #1 sales rank in toys. Yup, TOYS… in Q4!

Since then, we’ve helped countless other businesses grow and thriveHere are just a few:
  • One of the fastest growing home decor brands grew from $1M to $50M in revenue in 6 years.
  • We helped a gardening brand that is now found in Home Depot across America grow their advertised sales to over $6M.
  • Countless other companies have seen significant growth, many jumping from $1M to $5 – 10M in revenue.
"Chris with My PPC Pal has tons of experience with Amazon PPC. He managed our annual budget of over $1mil for many years. He is always available to promptly answer our questions and fulfilled our target metrics."
Amazon PPC ad management for top brands

Is PPC Management Right for You?

If you relate to any of the following situations, you could benefit from a PPC professional.

You’re frustrated with your PPC results

PPC is your weakest link

You’re unsure of what kind of PPC strategy to use.

PPC = stress

Do you qualify to work with us?

Due to the structure of our business and level of clients that we work with, there are some requirements that you should meet in order to work with us:

  • You are a private label seller or conglomerate spending a minimum 10k/month on Amazon ads 
  • You are actively growing your brand(s)
  • You’re not aiming to “fix” your company with PPC, but instead you’re looking to “grow” your company with PPC
  • Your products bring value to the marketplace
  • You are not a micromanager and are able to appropriately delegate work

Who would not be a good fit to work with My PPC Pal:

  • Anyone who is not focused on growing their brand
  • Micromanagers
  • Anyone spending less than 10k/mo on advertising spend without a plan to get there


  • Our minimum client investment is unique to each business based on the number of skus and marketplaces you are in.
  • You won’t pay more when you sell more.
  • We charge a flat-fee per month (unlike the competition) giving you predictability.


How Do you Manage Seasonal Changes?
We strategically take advantage of traffic when it comes, make sure all bids on all skus are optimized, and don’t let good bids run out of budget.

What is My PPC Pal’s strategy?
Chris’ secret sauce… sorry, not getting anything more here! In a nutshell, we dig into what’s working and eliminate what is not working.

What About Data Security Concerns?
We use Amazon’s native interface, so all security is handled by them. We don’t use any internal databases to store personal or business information.
What is the Commitment?
There is ZERO CONTRACT. We are results based. We don’t want to keep you locked into something that isn’t serving you well. All we ask is that you tell us your plans before your current billing cycle has ended. There are no prorated refunds if cancelling within a cycle.

How is My PPC Pal Unique?
We don’t use automation with regards to bid management. In this AI world we’re now living in, you can trust that a real life, trained, human being with critical thinking skills is handling every bid decision. Crazy, we know…
"My PPC Pal helped us grow our advertising efforts massively on Amazon while keeping our ACoS and TACoS below target metrics. They assisted in launching dozens of new SKUs and were always available to help when needed."
What Do You Meme

You’ve gotten this far.
You owe it to yourself to set-up a free call.

If you have an intense desire to grow your business to the #1 rank, there’s only one PPC management system that can deliver that same fierce desire to help you maximize your potential.

There’s no risk in setting up a FREE call to see how My PPC Pal can help you grow bigger than you EVER imagined.

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